What do I even begin to say about these two?!? Coop (Chelsea) was my senior year roommate in college along with two other girls who I still consider my closest friends to this day. When we neared the end of senior year, Coop was head over heals for this guy named Austin. I’d be totally lying if I said I knew they would end up together. No one knows where you’ll be or what you’ll do after college so in my mind their relationship would fizzle, Coop would move back to Malibu and their lives would slowly drift apart as most college romances do.

Fastforward 5 years and the two of them are engaged and so madly deeply in love with one another. It just goes to show that you never know where life will take¬†you. They trusted their hearts, Coop moved out to Austin to be with Austin (yup, you read right) and the rest is history. I had the absolute best time with them and their sweet dog Ellie catching up on life over neighborhood strolls and one two many margaritas. It’s so special when I see friends of mine so happy and I’m just glad I was there to capture some of that for them.

Love you Coop & Austin, thanks for showing me such a good time down South <3

P.S. – The confetti at the end was a total fail but I still love them!






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