Sometimes you meet people and you know they are just something special. Betsy is one of those people. I first met her at a restaurant I’ve been working at part-time and I immediately thought she was too funny and cool to be my friend (for the record, I still think that). Anyways, as time went on I learned that she is not only hilarious and super talented (@bkenney if you don’t believe me), but I also learned that she is truly a rockstar of a person in every facet of her life. She cares deeply about her friends and family, she gets true happiness out of making people laugh,¬†and she genuinely wants everyone around her to be happy and pursue their dreams. So yes, I definitely think she is something special.

This was probably my favorite portrait shoot to date and if you flip through the photos I think you’ll know why. Thanks for making my Friday morning so fucking awesome Bets. Keep crushing your competition and lookin’ fabulous while you do it.

Xx – lish

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