It’s still hard to put how I feel about this trip into writing. All I know is when I got my film back after being processed, I just sat there and cried. Maybe it’s because this trip came and went so fast, or maybe because every person that I came across touched me more than I realized at the time. Whatever it was, I won’t fight it or try to explain it. I’ll just sit here and look at my photographs and say to myself how lucky I am that I was able to experience this unforgettable trip. I will be the first to say that traveling does things for the soul that nothing else can even come close to. Not your hometown memories or your first love or that time you spent a summer at sleep away camp. It’s just something about that feeling of having nowhere to be and everything to see. It’s a photographers dream; it’s my dream. I could have kept going forever…

All photos below were taken with 400 ISO 120mm film on my grandfathers Rolleiflex.

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