Let me start of by saying that I’m usually not the biggest fan of shooting proposals, and let me tell you why. A lot of the time I’m hunched in a corner, trying not to be seen, trying not to pee from all the nerves, and trying not to be a total emotional wreck. And you want to know what ends up happening? I pee a little and cry a lot. So yeah, not my favorite thing. That is, until I shot these two.

Matt could not have been more calm or sure about anything in his life. He took Ryan to their favorite spot in NYC, he got down on one knee, and crowds of strangers started applauding and congratulating them. It didn’t even feel real. Those 3 minutes felt like 3 hours and I wish it could have kept going.

Love is so sweet, and that moment when two people couldn’t be more sure about wanting to spend the rest of their life with someone else. Well, how can you not pee/cry? Okay maybe not the pee part, but the crying definitely.

Wishing you two the absolute best. Can’t wait for more reasons to photograph you in the future. Xo

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